BlowPro 1.0 is now in production. Here are some photos of the device and its app.


The Device




A BlowPro in it’s zippered protective cover. This goes into the user’s pipe bag.  The cover is air-permeable so that the ambient air pressure in your pipe bag can reach the BlowPro’s environmental sensors.  The cover is hand-washable, but remove the electronics from the cover first!




This photo shows the BlowPro device itself (in the beige protective enclosure) and it’s battery pack.  Do not open the enclosure – there are (to quote popular culture) “no user-serviceable parts inside”!  There’s an On/Off switch on the battery pack.  The BlowPro runs on two 3-volt coin cells.





Shown here is the APO (Ambient Pressure Orifice) on the BlowPro device.  This hole must be kept clear as it allows the current pipe bag pressure to enter the unit to be measured by the device’s environmental sensors.



ON IndicationWhen the BlowPro is switched on, you can observe the green “Power On” LED easily through the APO.

The BlowPro “goes to sleep” to save power if you lay your pipes down or keep them very still for ten minutes.  Picking them up or resuming play will “wake up” your BlowPro.  It is advisable to turn your BlowPro off (via the switch on the battery pack), however, if you will not be using your pipes for a time.


The App


The app presents bag pressure and temperature in real time to the user.   Here are three screenshots of the graphical bag pressure displays on the BlowPro.

The first two images show the app’s “deviation meter” and “pressure vs time” displays.  The piper’s goal is to keep the current pressure indicator (green or red) between the two purple pressure deviation bars.

The third screenshot shows how the pressure display looks in landscape mode. These shots are from an iPhone; the app runs with similar appearance on the iPad.