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The BlowPro is a new device for serious pipers that assists them in the development of their blowing, an advanced piping skill.

The device goes into the user’s pipe bag and reports bag pressure and temperature to the user in real time via a smartphone app.

System Requirements:

  • A BlowPro device (see Purchase/Where to Buy in the navigation bar for details)
  • A zippered pipe bag
  • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.3 or later.
  • An Android version of the app is not yet available, but this development is in progress, and we hope to have Android BlowPro available in September, 2018!

How It’s Used:

The BlowPro device must be used with it’s associated free app on Apple’s App Store.  The app currently runs on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Placed in the user’s pipe bag, the device reports bag pressure and temperature to the app in real time.  The app displays bag pressure graphically, and temperature numerically.

The user watches the iPhone or iPad screen to obtain performance data and improve their blowing performance.

The app can also record the user’s blowing performance and present this in the form of a graph, or the data may be emailed to the user in a format suitable for import into popular spreadsheet programs.

Visit the Support tab at the top of this page for full documentation and a downloadable manual.


Here are three screenshots of the graphical bag pressure displays on the BlowPro.  The first two images show the “deviation meter” and “pressure vs time” displays.  The piper’s goal is to keep the current pressure indicator (green or red) between the two purple pressure deviation bars.  The third screenshot shows how the pressure display looks in landscape mode.  These shots are from an iPhone; the app runs with similar appearance on the iPad.