Here is what users are saying about the BlowPro:

“As the Pipe Major of the Robert Malcolm Memorial Grade 2 band, I have seen  improvement in the players using the BlowPro over the last 2 months. The feedback is not from someone else’s anecdotal observation but from the BlowPro in their pipe bag. Learning to blow steadily is a very high level skill, and one absolutely needed at the Grade 2 level. The BlowPro allows the players to monitor and modify their own blowing during individual practice by looking at the graph and changing blowing to keep the display steady. The App gives the players the kind of feedback and measurement that high performance athletes are getting from fitness testing and video analysis. It has also created interest and dialogue on improving sound quality amongst players using the BlowPro. The BlowPro is a new device, and we are just learning to tap in to its potential.”
– Jack Cairney, Pipe Major, Robert Malcolm Memorial II Pipe Band

“I use the BlowPro device and app every time I practice at home. It is really useful to see real time visual feedback of my blowing.”
– Adrienne Quane, Robert Malcolm Memorial II Pipe Band

“I love using the BlowPro.  It’s really helped me fine tune my blowing, allowing me to see where I’m changing tone.  It is also an amazing tool to use with my piping students: beginners can’t always hear where their tone is changing, but now I can show them exactly what their blowing “looks like”.  Really awesome product!”
– Rebecca Mair, Robert Malcolm Memorial II Pipe Band

“Although I am an experienced piper, I knew that my blowing could be more consistent.  I designed the BlowPro so that I would be able to visualize my blowing and display it graphically.  Through this visual feedback, my blowing is more stable than it has been in years.”
– Kevin McQuiggin, Robert Malcolm Memorial II Pipe Band